Audio Legion ALR3 3 ft. 2-Channel RCA Cable

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Audio Legion Nylon Braided Cover 2-Channel Interconnector RCA Cable 3ft
Part Number: ALR3
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Audio Legion's new RCA Interconnect Cables were made with an audiophile grade design that enhances sound quality, provides incredible noise rejection, and offers simple installation. These RCA Interconnects are available in 2-Channel range from 3 feet up to 20 foot lengths.


  • Oversized OFC conductors provide excellent sound quality

  • Split-tip connector allows better signal transfer

  • Compact connector design for easy installation

  • Molded strain reliefs for extra durability

  • Nickel plated connectors for excellent signal transfer

  • Color coded channel identification

  • Outer Black nylon braided net cover


  • 3 ft. 2-Channel RCA Cable

  • Ultra-compact design for easy installation

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