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Scytek A1 Car Vehicle 5 Button Remote Engine Starter with 2 Ultra Slim Remotes
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Scytek A1 Car Vehicle 5 Button Remote Engine Starter With 2 Ultra Slim Remotes


  • Two Ultra Slim With Metal Frame 5 Button 1-Way Remote ControlBuilt in Parking Light Relay, Programmable (+/-)

  • Built in 4 heavy Duty Relays for Remote Starting , Programmable

  • Plug in User Programmable Coded Override Switch & LED on the Antenna

  • Lock, Unlock and Passenger Unlock Outputs (-)

  • User Selectable Auto-Lock and Unlock with Ignition

  • Interior Light Output (-)

  • Horn Output (-)

  • Output for Starter Interupt Relay (-)

  • Three Programmable Auxiliary Channels, Pulsed, Timed and Latched (-)

  • Data Bus Port

  • Remote Start through Data Bus

  • On-Board Temperature Sensor for Monitoring In-Car Temperature with LCD Remote

  • Auto Start Based on the On-Board Real Time Clock Set through LCD Remote

  • Auto Start Based On Temperature Threshold Set through LCD Remote

  • True RPM Sensing for Real Time Cranking

  • Reliable Remote Start In Tachless Mode using Adaptive Digital Processing

  • Compatible with All Vehicles

  • Gas or Diesel compatibility

  • Factory Disarm and Rearm Output (-)

  • Turbo Timer plus over 50 more Features

  • MobiLink, Cell Phone and Tracking Compatible

  • Two Car Operation

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